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Brigitte M. Britton

Brigitte M. Britton


Dr. Sunil Pai

Dr. Sunil Pai




Designed by Certified Holistic Nutritionist Brigitte M. Britton, CHN

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If you have recently been diagnosed with
Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Hepatitis C, and you are between the ages of
35 and 65 then you could be a candidate for a clinical case study of The
Mega Way-
CannaVisEology Body System Complex.

Designed by holistic nutritionist Brigitte M.
Britton and highly recommended by Integrative Medicine Practitioner Dr. Sunil
Pai, MD, who will be the lead doctor for this trial. The
Mega Way-
CannaVisEology Body System Complex combines the therapeutic power of an
Organic grade Hemp CBD oil and powder, organic vegan compound shakes with
liquid vitamins and a customized diet to create a body environment that is
inhospitable to disease.

Whether you are looking for a complete
alternative healing approach or just want to boost the results of a treatment
program you are already on, The Mega Way-CannaVisEology Body System
may be designed for

We are planning on shooting before and after
video covering the case study from beginning to completion. You will need to
sign a release for filming.

To see if you qualify to be a participant in
the Free Clinical Trial of The Mega Way-CannaVisEology Body System
click on the link below.

Email us at

What is … “The MEGA Way-CannaBisEology Body System Complex”?

“The MEGA Way-CannaBisEology Body System Complex is a Certified Organic, VEGAN power meal-replacement Shake infused with CBD  powder and supported with CBD Oil.  It can be activated with a high-ORAC multivitamin, which we include with this system.”

“The MEGA Way-CannaBisEology Body System Complex” CLINICAL CASE STUDY will provide all approved participants with a 30 day Vegan Menu designed to support the Body System Complex along with a 30 day supply of the Vegan power shake with CBD Powder, high-ORAC multivitamin, and CBD oil free of charge. 

Participants will be expected to commit fully to each step of the plan and will be responsible to provide “Before and After” blood test panels which are covered by most insurance policies.

Female Patient History PDF

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Male Patient History PDF

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